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History of the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club

The Chagrin Valley Hunt Club was founded in July, 1909, by visionary group of Northeast Ohio horseback riding and fox hunting enthusiasts.  The Clubhouse was originally housed in the historic Maple Leaf Inn, an early stagecoach stop on the way to the bustling city of Cleveland.

Through its early years, the Club’s campus of 15 ½ acres was a gathering place for city-dwelling members seeking a sporting refuge in the countryside or a horseback ride through the Chagrin Valley.

Through the century, the Club weathered the economies of WW I & II, added swimming facilities, suffered a 1950s barn fire and two Clubhouse fires (1935 & 1994). The fire in January 1994 completely destroyed the Clubhouse, fortunately all guests at an in-progress wedding reception were able to escape unharmed.

Through the tireless efforts of the Club’s trustees and membership, the Club was completely re-built in the mid 1990s, incorporating modern design and safety standards while still capturing its pioneering New England charm. The Chagrin Valley Hunt Club’s heritage has been captured in numerous sources including The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

Club Governance

The Chagrin Valley Hunt Club is governed by an elected Club President and Executive Committee serving two-year terms and a Board of Directors.


1909 - 1951
1909-1910  E.A. Merritt
1911-1912  Otto Miller
1913-1914  Edmund S. Burke, Jr.
1915-1917  A.F. Harvey
1918-1918  F.R. White
1919-1920  Corliss E. Sullivan
1921-1922  M.C. Harvey
1923-1925  R.H. Bishop, Jr.
1926-1927  Otto Miller
1928-1929  Newell C. Bolton
1930-1939  Crispin Oglebay
1940-1942  Thomas H. White
1943-1945  Lewis C. Williams
1946-1949  Homer Everett
1950-1951  Lawrence Robbins, Jr.

1952 - 1983
1952-1955  Robert York White
1956-1957  Alfred M. Rankin
1958-1959  Tinkham Veale II
1960-1961  Jacob B. Perkins II
1962-1964  Alexander H. Hadden
1965-1966  Brooks M. Jones
1967-1968  John S. Manuel
1969-1970  James H. Dempsey, Jr.
1970-1972  Peter S. Hitchcock
1973-1974  John Limbocker, Jr.
1975-1976  David S. Ingalls, Jr.
1977-1978  Malcolm B. Vilas, Jr.
1979-1979  R. Preston Nash, Jr.
1980-1981  David L. Grund
1982-1983  Quentin Alexander

1984 - 2014
1984-1985  Dennis W. LaBarre
1986-1986  John Limbocker, Jr.
1987-1989  Paul J. Vignos, Jr.
1990-1992  Robert Y. White, Jr.
1993-1996  Courtenay O. Taplin
1997-2000  Robert W. Gelbach
2001-2003  Frederick P. Floyd
2004-2005  Frank I. Harding
2006-2007  Kevin K. Ruddock
2008-2009  Dixon Morgan, Jr.
2010-2011  C. Perry Blossom
2012-2013  Paul A. Murray
2014-2015  J. C. Butler
2016-2017  David L. Selman
2018-2020  Glenn G. Anderson, Jr.